J2T Points and Rewards module

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Gather and use points!


This module allow the customers do gather points on products they are buying. The points can be redeemed for discount on their purchase.

How to install

  1. create a shopping cart promotion rule named ‘points’ (and enter the coupon code ‘points’)
  2. create an attribute called ‘reward_points’.
  3. Install the module (alpha release)
  4. Log out and log in back to admin
  5. Configure the module : System > Configuration > Reward Points.

Don’t forget to copy all layout + templates files to your default design directory. The files to be copied are :

  1. frontend/default/default/layout/rewardpoints.xml
  2. frontend/default/default/template/rewardpoints

Main Features

  • Set money amount to obtain 1 point - Globally
  • Set points amount to obtain 1 $/€ (or any currency) - Globally
  • Apply points by step. (e.g. every 250 points)
  • Step value (250 points)
  • Use max amount of points. If selected, the maximum amount of points will be used to get a discount.
  • Allow to set specific amount of points per product - Locally - this rule will overload the global value

Great features are comming soon in Admin

  1. full customer points management from administration
  2. auto email sending to customer
  3. forcing the use of points on orders
  4. manage a product exclusion list
  5. management by membership
  6. stand alone version... no need to use coupon code system
  7. sending reminder emails
  8. earning points while writing a review
  9. set minimum order requirements
  10. set maximum discount on orders
  11. set amount of points that could be earn on subscription
  12. specify points specifically to a product, so this product could be free while an order is made

Great features are comming soon for customers

  1. see points earned on orders history
  2. see the points equivalence in $/€
  3. transfer points from one account to another


  • : Dutch support (thanks to Pixxa) and Spanish support (thanks to xondeo)
  • : German support (thanks to Chris)
  • 0.1.3 : fixing template bug
  • 0.1.2 : add template functionnality
  • 0.1.1 : fixing mysql query error
  • 0.1.0 : first release