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Link to extension page:


Check the screenshots for functionality overview.


Extensions marked as “Beta” are generally not recommended for production deployment. Please test every version release on development copy.

Installing without MagentoConnect

If you have problem with downloads using MagentoConnect, unpack this file in Magento root folder:


You will not receive automatic upgrades, but the latest version will always be available at this link.

RSS feed for extension updates:


This feed is also used for update notifications in admin.

Special thanks for feature sponsorship!

Dontation page

Known issues

  • Shipping cost is calculated not by recipient address (use multi-address checkout)

To use with custom interfaces

  1. copy layout/ugiftcert.xml and template/unirgy/giftcert/ into your interface and customize
  2. The following steps are required for Magento 1.2.x and 1.3.x only:
    1. edit template/sales/order/items.phtml and template/sales/order/print.phtml
    2. add before Grand Total TR tag:
      <?php echo $this->getChild('ugiftcert_total')->setColspan($colspan)->toHtml() ?>
    3. edit template/email/order/items.phtml
    4. add before Grand Total TR tag:
      <?php echo $this->getChildHtml('ugiftcert_total') ?>

To reach balance check page, use one of the following

  • Link to URL: /ugiftcert/customer/balance
  • Use this block in your CMS page:
    {{block type="ugiftcert/balance" template="unirgy/giftcert/balance.phtml"}}



  • Fixed adding GC products in admin created orders
  • Fixed double calculation of GCs in cart (courtesy of John)
  • Enabled “weight” attribute for GC products to allow different shipping rates
  • Updates for Magento 1.3.2 compatibility for some configurations
  • Added ja_JP translation (courtesy of rodrigo423)
  • Added pt_PT translation (coursesy of atonefer)
  • Added configuration for GC to always be a virtual product


  • Add purchased/used GCs grid to customer accounts in admin.
  • Add admin notifications for new GCs.
  • Add preset GC code/pin pool option in addition to random

Release notes


  • Added var_sender_name in email template to show full name of the sender
  • Changed default email template to include sender_name instead of sender_firstname
  • Added “product” variable in email, to allow GC product attributes, such as var_product.getimageurl
  • Updates for Magento 1.3.x compatibility


  • Minor fix to allow compatibility with Magento 1.1.6+
  • Fixed activating and sending new GC email notifications on online payment methods
  • Fixed GC currency code for admin created orders
  • Added setting emailed virtual cards as shipped, allowing marking the virtual order as complete


  • Fixed Paypal Standard amount when GC is used.
  • Fixed refunding GC on order cancel (including PayPal Standard/Express edit order).
  • Fixed remembering GC codes in cart when just logged in customer’s cart is merged.
  • Fixed invoicing orders with GC balance for correct amount.
  • Added use of GC in admin created orders.
  • Added GC store property for proper locale configuration per GC.
  • Added capability to send emails for GCs created in admin.


  • Added tax class attribute for GC products.
  • Added removal of GCs from cart.
  • Added collapsed/expanded view of GCs in cart totals.
  • Fixed showing GCs as negative in cart totals.
  • Removed ambiguous letters from GC number and PIN.


  • template/unirgy/giftcert/checkout/total.phtml


  • Added Magento 1.3.0 compatibility


  • Fixed handling non-US date formats for GC expiration dates
  • Fixed ugiftcert_amount_config attribute to be not required
  • Added configurable PIN format in email confirmations


This release focused mostly on handling GCs and multiple currencies.

  • Fixed unlimited message length
  • Fixed GC grid filter by status
  • Fixed getting GC amount configuration from product attribute in catalog product list
  • Fixed logic working with multiple currencies
  • Fixed error message when sending emails generated in admin
  • Added different GC amount configuration per currency
  • Added purchasing GC amount and using GC balance in customer’s currency
  • Added automatically generated product attribute for amount configuration (add to your attribute sets manually)
  • Added new GC confirmation emails on payment completion (thanks to Vincent [vmaillot])
  • Added changing GC status to Active on payment completion

Changed theme files:

  • layout/ugiftcert.xml - show correct price on product list pages


  • Fixed JS Error (print is null) when sending by post is disabled
  • Fixed free amount entry (empty amount_config) configuration
  • Added sending GC emails from admin (GC grid massaction)

Updated theme files:

  • template/unirgy/giftcert/product/type.phtml


  • Fixed printing invoices with GCs in admin sales orders grid
  • Fixed showing correct GC numbers to multiple recipients in the same order
  • Fixed incorrect virtual status of shopping cart
  • Fixed ignoring custom message text in new order email if none entered (please update your custom transactional emails)
  • Added send virtual card to self
  • Added configuration for custom message preview
  • Added frontend amount input configuration (range, dropdown, fixed, any amount)
  • Added showing minimal price in product list
  • Added “Expire On” default timespan
  • Added expiration date on balance check page and in email templates
  • Added showing GC total line in frontend > my account > order view, new order email, order print
  • Added product view javascript and simplified initial layout

Changed theme files:

  • template/unirgy/giftcert/product/type.phtml
  • template/unirgy/giftcert/product/media.phtml
  • template/unirgy/giftcert/balance.phtml
  • layout/ugiftcert.xml

New theme files:

  • (*) template/unirgy/giftcert/order/total.phtml

  • Added de_DE email templates
  • Added fr_FR translation
  • Minor translation fixes
  • Extension update notifications switched to disabled by default


  • Fixed Varien_Date for 1.1.6
  • Fixed checking for duplicate GC code
  • Fixed deleting GC
  • Added slashes for translated strings in javascript
  • Added
    {{var amount}}

    to email template

  • Added configuration for PIN to be optional
  • Added balance check link in customer account dashboard
  • Added optional extension update notifications in admin

Updated files in theme:

  • template/unirgy/giftcert/product/type.phtml
  • template/unirgy/giftcert/balance.phtml
  • layout/ugiftcert.xml

WARNING: Please do extensive testing before deployment.

  • Added de_DE translation (great work of Chris Wiech)


  • Added translation file


  • Added separate email template for GCs sent to the purchaser him/hersef
  • Added PINs info to emails


  • Clearing recipient info fields when hidden to avoid confusion

Updated theme file:

  • template/unirgy/giftcert/product/type.phtml


  • Improved checking whether quote was fully paid by giftcert


  • Added hidden recipient info by default - click checkbox to show
  • Added GC amount range to configuration
  • Optional use of product attributes for GC amount range - see comments in template/unirgy/giftcert/product/type.phtml

Updated theme file:

  • template/unirgy/giftcert/product/type.phtml


  • Fixed balance check POST params processing
  • Added preventing of add to cart from product list
  • Added optional unlimited custom message length
  • Added optional recipient name, email, postal address
  • Added optional sending email notification to recipients on order completion
  • Added showing GC information and certificate numbers in order details in frontend and admin
  • Certificate numbers are shown to purchaser only if recipient wasn’t specified
  • Added treating “email only” GCs as virtual items (no shipping required&#41;
  • Moved recipient message from history table to cert

Updated theme file:

  • layout/ugiftcert.xml
  • template/unirgy/giftcert/balance.phtml
  • template/unirgy/giftcert/product/type.phtml

NOTE: Always test on development copy!


  • Restored admin_user FK - the issue appears to be a local environment


  • Removed admin_user FK
  • Fixed stock management qty
  • Added export GCs to CSV
  • Added permission resource for GC admin grid
  • Added GC expiration date