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Url rewrite is something that it is not easy to understand, it took me several attempts to get the job done, but at the end... looking at it, it does make sense :)

Let’s image, for our propose example, that we want to add links to the TOP MENU that will end up in a PAGE and not in the CATALOG (product view).

Imagine that we what to have in the TOP MENU a link called PRESS and that should open the press page that we already created in the CMS.

as the default behavior Magento will create one Rewrite action for every category, for every Store View, so we will end up with rewrites almost the same, only diferenciating the Store View.

Let’s get to work...

First thing to do is delete the System Rule, so we choose our Rule, press edit (right side) and it will show this:

Default rule

lets create a Custom Rule, conserve all values except the Target Path

Custom rule

lets save, and test it!

That’s it... simple right?

Now, don’t forget to do this for all Store Views if you have more than one.

For more information please read the Magento Documentation on URL Rewrites