"Product Questions" User Guide

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1. Introducing Product Questions

Sometimes customers ask the same questions about the products and the store administrator has to answer them every time they are asked. Product Questions module allows you to shorten the time spent on questions replying and make the FAQ visible for everybody.

Product Questions is a module which solves much more your tasks as it may seem at the first sight. This extension helps you solve three tasks at a time:

1. satisfy the visitors curiosity;

2. answer customers questions;

3. give extra information about the product.

Product Questions save the time of your customers – they can visit the Product Questions page and find answers to their questions. The more information they find out about the product, the quicker they buy it.

Product Questions simplify the visitors’ task when they want to ask a question about the product or to learn the already asked. No more contact form searches, department choosing and product title copy-pasting – just one “Ask a question” click and Product Questions does half the job for your customers.

2. Product Questions Configuration

1. Go to the System → Configuration → aheadWorks Extensions → Product Questions backend page.

2. In the Customer-defined status field, select Yes what means that customers are able to choose public/private status for their questions when filling the question form.

3. In the Send Emails To field, define the address for the customers’ questions to come.

4. In the Email Sender field, select the department of your store which will be responsible for the customers’ questions answering.

5. In the Email Template fields, select the templates sent to customers and store administrator. You can use either default templates from locale or create a new one (System → Transactional Emails → Add New Template).

The Product Questions extension adds the Be the first to ask about this product link on the Product page just under the Add Your Review link:

The Be the first to ask about this product link is changed to Ask a question link when the question(s) has been already asked. The number of questions is shown in the parentheses:

3. Ask a Question

When you click the Be the first to ask about this product (or Ask a question) link, the Ask Your Own Question form appears:

1. In the Name field, you should enter your name. It will be displayed on the Product Questions page.

2. In the Email field, enter your email address where the answer to your question will be sent. The email is not displayed on the Product Questions page.

3. In the Status field, specify the status of the question – public (will be displayed on the Product Questions page) or private (won’t be displayed).

4. In the Question field, enter your question.

5. Click the Submit question button.

Note: the question appears at the Product Question page only after the store administrator answers it.

4. Questions Answering

You can easily control the new questions coming. There is a separate list of pending questions which allows you to avoid non-replied questions searching. To read the questions without replies only, go to the Catalog → Product Questions → Pending Questions backend page:

If you click the question row, the Reply question page appears:

1. The Product, Author name, Author email and Question fields are automatically filled in with the data given by the customer. You can edit this information (except the Product field).

2. In the Visibility field, select the question-answer status – public or private. If the visibility is set to Private, the question and answer won’t be shown on the Product Questions page; the answer will be send to the customer only.

3. Click the Save And Send Mail button. The answer is sent to the customer, and the question with the answer becomes visible on the Product Questions page:

To check the whole list of all answered and not answered questions, go to the Catalog → Product Questions → All Questions backend page: