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In this section you specify parameters related to the Contact Us form. Each field in the Email Options section has the predefined value. Do not forget to change these values when you set up your own store.

Admin Panel Fields Reference

Contact Us Field Descriptions

  • Enable Contact Us — Defines whether the Contact Us form is available in your store. Scope: STORE VIEW.
    • Yes : The Contact Us link will automatically show up in footer of your website and the Contact form will be activated.
    • No : The Contact form will not be active.

Email Options Field Descriptions

  • Send Emails To — Defines the email address that the messages will be sent to when customers use the Contact Us form. Scope: STORE VIEW.
  • Email Sender — Indicates the name on the from: line of comments sent using the Contact Us form. Scope: STORE VIEW.
  • Email Template — Template used when customers’ comments are sent to the email address specified in the Send emails To field. If you want to use your own template instead of the default template, refer to the Transactional Emails page. Scope: STORE VIEW.


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