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1. Introducing Advanced Reviews

According to Avenue A | Razorfish “Digital Consumer Behavior Study”, a review is #1 resource for product research. 86% of consumers read online reviews before making purchasing decisions. The Advanced Reviews extension enlarges the functionality of native Magento solution.

Advanced Reviews allows consumers to point out Pros of the product as well as its Cons in the specified fields. Not everyone is a perfect writer, but everybody can tick off the required properties of the product. This opportunity creates more detailed and complete picture of the costumer’s opinion about the product. The Pros and Cons fields sum the review up and express the customer’s impression in few words. Consumers can select product properties from the list as well as add any others by themselves. It is also possible to sort comments by any Pros and Cons in Customer reviews page.

“Would you recommend this product to a friend?” field defines the level of how much the customer is satisfied with the purchase. The reviewer may select no Pros and Cons, not enter any extraordinary comment but for some customers the answer to this question can mean much more than tumid words as no one would recommend bad things to a friend.

Those consumers who read reviews can express their opinion about this or that comment – they can either complain to the store administrator of some incorrect review or evaluate the helpfulness of the review for their choice: Advanced Reviews adds additional “Inappropriate report? Report it” and “Do you find this review helpful?” fields.

2. Advanced Reviews Configuration

1. Go to the System → Configuration → aheadWorks Extensions → Advanced Reviews backend page.

2. In the Display Options tab, specify fields which will be shown on the Customer Reviews page.

3. In the Access Options tab, specify customers who are allowed to write reviews of a product, rate helpfulness and abuse reviews.

4. In the Sorting Options tab, select the parameters for reviews sorting on the Customer Reviews page.

5. In the Social Sharing Options tab, you can change social sharing block attributes – position, social utilities links and images – by changing the HTML code.

Note: there are 3 social bookmarking buttons by default – Facebook, Delicious and Digg.

6. In the Pros and Cons Options tab, set the Pros and Cons parameters:

a) In the Enable User-defined items field, specify whether customers are allowed to add their own Pros and Cons.

b) In the Admin approval required field, specify whether the User-defined Pros and Cons should be approved by the store administrator before they are shown in the Pros and Cons list.

c) Define the number of Pros and Cons to be displayed.

7. In the Recommend to a friend Options tab, enter the answers to “Would you recommend this product to a friend?” question. There are five answers by default, but this number can be reduced – if you enter, for example, only 3 answers and leave 2 fields empty, 3 answers will be proposed to a customer.

8. Click the Save Config button.

New Pros and Cons adding

1. Go to the Catalog → Reviews and Ratings → Advanced Reviews → Pros → New Pros page in the backend.

2. In the Name field, enter the title of the property which will be shown in the Pros list on the Customer Reviews page.

3. In the Status field, select Enabled.

4. The Sort Order field allows specifing the properties displaying sequence.

5. In the Visibility tab, select the websites where Pros will be displayed.

6. Click the Save Pros button.

To add Cons go to the Catalog → Reviews and Ratings → Advanced Reviews → Cons → New Cons backend page and follow the steps 2-6.

The whole list of Cons (Pros) is on the Catalog → Reviews and Ratings → Advanced Reviews → Cons (Pros) page.

User-defined Pros and Cons

To view Pros and Cons defined by customers, go to the Catalog → Reviews and Ratings → Advanced Reviews → User-defined Pros and Cons backed page. Here you can enable, disable or delete Pros and Cons.

Note: if the status of Pros (Cons) is set to Enabled, it appears in the Pros and Cons list on the Customer Reviews page.

Review approving

1. To approve a pending review, go to the Catalog → Reviews and Ratings → Customer Reviews → Pending Reviews backend page.

2. Click the Edit link on the right of the required review.

3. In the Status field, set Approved.

4. Click the Save Review button.

After the store administrator approves the review, it is shown on the Customer Reviews page.

Abuse reports

When a customer clicks the “Inappropriate review? Report it” link on the Customer Reviews page, the report is sent to store administrator. You can find it on the Catalog → Reviews and Ratings → Advanced Reviews → Abuse reports backend page.

If you want to delete the review from the list of the abused and keep it on the Customer Reviews page, click the Delete link on the Abuse reports page.

3. New review adding

To write a review, a customer should complete the followig form on the Customer Reviews page:

The native Magento fields – “How do you rate this product?”, “Nickname”, “Summary of Your Review” and “Review” – remain unchanged; several fields are added by the Advanced Reviews extension:

– in the Pros and Cons list customers can tick off the properties of the product and enter their own Pros and Cons;

– in the “Would you recommend this product to a friend?” field consumers can select any of the defined by the store administrator answers.

4. "Do you find this review helpful?" field

Customers can vote for reviews by clicking Yes or No links after the “Do you find this review helpful?” question. All the votes are shown just under the question in the following way: Y of X people found this review helpful, where Y – is the number of those who answered “Yes”, X – the total number of the answered. Accordingly Y can never be greater than X – it can be equal to X or less.

5. Sorting by Pros and Cons

Advanced Reviews allows customers to sort reviews by Pros and Cons on the Customer Reviews page.

For example, if we select the Pros “Quality” for reviews sorting, all the reviews with this property are shown:

If we narrow sorting down to Pros “Quality” and Cons “Price”, the reviews without Cons “Price” are not shown any more:

To reset the filters, click the Reset all filters link under the Pros and Cons filter.


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