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This page displays basic order information. Here you will find the current order status, customer billing and shipping information, products ordered, and any comments added to the order.

If you are looking at a new order, the order status will say “Pending.”

How to you change the order status? By default, the order status is managed automatically by Magento, and orders will follow a cycle of Pending, Processing, and Complete.

To move an order to the “Pending” state, you must create an invoice by clicking on the “Invoice” button on the upper right of the order page.

When you save the invoice, the order status will update to “Processing.”

After the invoice is created, the next step is to ship the order. Click on the “Ship” button on the upper right of the order page. Here you can enter in tracking information from your carrier and email those details to your customer.

Once the order has been been invoiced and shipped, the order status will update to “Complete.”

Note that the initial order status depends on the payment method and payment method configuration. For example, if you have the Zero Subtotal Checkout method enabled, you could have orders using this payment method (where no payment information is required) automatically get a “Processing” order status. Similarly, orders using the payment method automatically get the “Processing” order state.


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