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This page provides help and other information about the CMS section in the Magento Admin console.

Manage Pages

The “Manage Pages” interface allows you to edit the various static pages on your web site. When creating a new page, you set the following variables:

Page Title - This is the title of the page that appears in the menu bar of your web browser when a page is viewed through the frontend of your web site.

SEF URL Identifier - This is the route to your page, that is, it is the text used in the url to access this page on the frontend. If you want to create a home page, use the identifier “home” and that will be the page that loads when no additional path is specified on the frontend. For example, if a person loads Magento will look for a page called “home” to load by default.

Store View - If your store has multiple views, this allows you to choose which store views this page can appear in.

Status - Enable or disable pages. This is helpful if you’re creating a page that isn’t ready for the public to see.

Content - This is the actual content of the page. – need more details here – – Please add some more detail in this content page. Such as how to use store_url, and list all the code which are available in this context. –

– incomplete –

Static Blocks

Poll Manager

[Put information here about how to place the poll in specific places inside Magento]