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This is the help page for CMS > Manage Pages

By default page editing requires you to understand HTML markup, however extensions can be found in Magento Connect to add in WYSIWYG editors (typically TinyMCE or FCK) to these screens.

CMS Pages

General Information

Page Title

This title is used to identify the page in the edit pages screen and (annoyingly) will also appear as the page title to your visitors - there is currently no separate meta field for page title.

SEF URL Identifier

Search Engine Friendly URL identifier. This will be used to construct the URL for this page, it must result in a unique URL within the scope of your store, so make sure not to use an identifier that may clash with ones coming from your product catalog. No one knows what to enter for root “/”, try “home”, “root”, or “default”.


Either “Enabled” or “Disabled”, take your pick.


This field is where you enter the actual content to appear in your page. As well as standard HTML the Magento CMS module also supports a number of tags that you can use to insert Magento Blocks, Links to other store pages etc.

You can find information about these tags on the markup tags wiki page.

Custom Design

Meta Data


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