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Static blocks can be used throughout your theme wherever you want to make small updates to a section of a page. Typical uses would be for promotional banners/callouts in sidebars or for some custom text in the middle of your home page.

Static blocks can also be inserted into CMS pages or included in category pages.

Block Title

A descriptive name to identify this block


The identifer will allow you to call this block from your template files or using the Magento markup tags. Typically this would be programmer friendly name with no spaces or punctuation ie “my_block_identifier” rather than “My block’s identifer!”


Here you can enable or disable a block.


As well as standard HTML you can also include special Magento markup tags in the block content. You can find information about these tags on the markup tags wiki page.

Probably the two most common examples are inserting an image or similar asset from your skin into a block:

  1. {{skin url='images/media/about_us_img.jpg'}}

And creating a link to another page within your site:

  1. {{store direct_url='mypage.html'}}

For full details on these and other tags be sure to read markup tags.

How to call a static block

Once you have created a static block, you can call it from elsewhere using this syntax:

  1. {{block id='block_id'}}

where block_id is the Identifier as specified above. More info on this is in markup tags.


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