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The Catalog → Search Term options shows information about the most frequently used search terms in your web store. Searches can be performed in your web store by entering a term in the Search field usually in the top right corner of any web store page or by using the advanced search.

Admin Panel Fields Reference

Field Descriptions

  • Search Query - Required.
  • Store - Required.
  • Synonym For - Will make search for the query above return results for this search. Misspelled search terms may mean missed opportunities for you. If you know that a frequently used search term is often misspelled by customers, and thus does not display results, you can add additional search terms, as described below.
  • Redirect URL - ex. You can specify that when a customer searches for a certain term that they are re-directed to a specific page. Direct customers to a specific product page, a specific brand landing page or to informational pages. For example: Returns will direct customers to the Shipping Policy page.

Tip: If you see that the Hit field of a product shows a high number (meaning that customers search for it often), but the Results column shows a low number or zero, then you should review your products names and descriptions to promote products related to this keyword.