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An Attribute Set is a collection of attributes, customized to fit certain types of products. All Attribute Sets must contain all of Magento’s System Attributes, but you can customize them to include different combinations of Custom Attributes. Once you have created each of your Custom Attributes, you can associate them with an Attribute Set. A product is then associated with an Attribute Set during product creation, and the Attribute Set’s Custom Attributes will appear in the Admin Panel when creating and editing products with that attribute set.


Admin Panel Fields Reference

Edit Set Name Tab

Field Descriptions

  • Name - Name of attribute set. Will appear in the drop down for attribute set selection when creating new products. Will not appear on the frontend.
  • Based On - Even if you have not created any Attribute Sets previously, you can select the Default Attribute Set from the Based On drop-down, which comes with Magento by default, from which you will import Attributes. This includes all of the System Attributes, organized into Groups according to their function. The Default attribute can be customized just as any Attribute Set that you create. Once you have created additional Attribute Sets, you can choose any of these from the Based On drop-down, which will import the Custom Attributes and Groups from that Attribute Set, saving you time during the configuration process.

Edit Attribute Set Tab

Field Descriptions

Groups - Unassigned Attributes -

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