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The Simple Products type should be used for that generally have a single configuration. This might include items such as:

  • A Box of Crayons, Small (24 Colors)
  • A Box of Crayons, Large (64 Colors)
  • SuperHighTech 26” HD Computer Monitor
  • Barrack Obama Action Figure (6”)


Grouped products allow you to create a new product using one or more existing products in your store. For instance, let’s assume you a “Barrack Obama Action Figure” and a “George W Bush Action Figure” already in your store and you wanted to sell them as a bundle. You would simply create a new Grouped Product (let’s call it “Obama + Bush (Get Both and Spend Twice as Much!)”, then add both action figures to the group via the “Associated Products” tab.

Note: Unfortunately, you are not able to set a special “group” price directly from the product page. To offer a discount for buying items together, you will need to create a new Shopping Cart Price Rule.


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Virtual Products are those that do not have a physical or digital counterpart. They do not ship, nor do they have a download link. This product type might be used for services like:

  • House Cleaning
  • 1-Year Newsletter Subscription
  • Hit Contracts


This product type is also known as a “kit” in other eCommerce software. This product type is ideal for circumstances where the user may need to select a number of configurable options. This might includes products like:

  • Customizable Computer Systems
  • Customizable Tuxedos/Suits
  • Designer Babies/Clones

Click here for a video tutorial on using bundles


Downloadable products are similar to virtual products, except they include the ability to add downloadable files. Files can either be uploaded via the Admin interface, or by uploading directly to the server via FTP and added by URL. When a customer buys a Downloadable product, Magento will generate a secure, encrypted link (so that the customers can’t see the file’s real location) for that customer to download their file.

This category might include products such as:

  • Music/MP3s
  • Computer Software
  • Porn