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Rule-Based Product Relations offer further targeted merchandizing to your customers. You will be able to suggest products for customers through automated rule-based selection of products to be used for related items, up-sells, and cross-sells.

Admin Panel Fields Reference

Rule Information Tab

Field Descriptions

Rule Name – This is for internal purposes.

  • Priority – When multiple rules overlap on a product page or the shopping cart, the priority will determine the sort order of each group of displayed products. For example, if Rule 1 (with priority 1) displays three products, and Rule 2 (with priority 2) displays five products, and both rules apply to the same product’s up-sells list, then the three Rule 1 products will always display before the five Rule 2 products. However, the sort order of the Rule 1 products relative to one another is random. Additionally, if there is a mix of rules and manually added products, the manually added products will always display before the rule-based products. Products can be manually added by navigating to Catalog > Manage Products, clicking Add Product or selecting an existing product from the grid, and selecting the Related Products, Up-sells, or Cross-sells tab. From these tabs, you can manually select which specific products will display.
  • Status – Select Active for this rule to apply.
  • Apply To – Select whether this rule will apply to a product’s Related Products, Up-sells, or Cross-sells.

From/To Date – You can select a date range in which the rule will automatically become enabled and/or disabled.

  • Result Limit – You can set a limit for the number of products that will be displayed. The maximum number is 20, but you can set a smaller limit. For example, if you are creating an Up-sell rule, and there are 40 products which match the conditions in the Products to Display tab, you can set the limit to 10. This will automatically choose 10 of those 40 products, which will then rotate through the Up-sells block. The advantage to setting a lower limit is that it reduces the processing time.

Products to Match Tab

Field Descriptions

In this tab, set the product conditions to determine which products will have this rule applied to it. These conditions are defined in the same manner as Catalog Price Rules, whereby the products are defined using product attributes. There is a new setting in the attribute management page called Use for Target Rule Conditions, which must be set to Yes for the attribute to appear in this section.

Products to Display Tab

Field Descriptions

In this tab, set the product conditions to determine which products will be displayed in the Related Products, Up-sells, or Cross-sells blocks. The conditions are almost identical to those of the Products to Match tab, with one additional option available. You can determine which products to display based on a price relationship with the Matched Product. For example, if you want to display Up-sell products which are at least twice the price of the Matched Product, you can show only products which are 200% or more of the Matched Product price.

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