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Events are part of Enterprise Edition’s Private Sales functionality.

This page contains a grid listing all Events that you have created. To create a new Event, click Add Catalog Event in the top right of the page. You will need to first select the category for which the Event will be created. Click on the desired category from the category tree. Only one event can exist for a given category at one time, so any categories that already have an associated Event will be disabled in the category tree.

When you click on a valid category, you will be redirected to the next page. This page contains fields for the start and end date of the event, the image which will be displayed in the Event Widget, the sort order in the Event Widget, and checkboxes for displaying a countdown ticker block on the category page and/or product page (of products associated to the given category). This page also displays the category for which you are creating the Event, which will link back to the previous step if clicked (so you can select a different category).


There are some configuration settings that must be completed relating to Events before they can be used. To do so, navigate to System > Configuration, in the Catalog tab select the Catalog Events section.

  • Enable Catalog Events Functionality - Determines whether the Events module is enabled.
  • Enable Catalog Event Widget - Determines if the Event Widget is displayed in the frontend. This is a static block containing information about Events in your site. Sometimes this feature is referred to as Lister Block. There is more information about the Event Widget below.
  • Number of Events to be Displayed on Category - Determines the number of Events that will display in the Event Widget on the category pages.
  • Number of Events to be Displayed on CMS Pages - Determines the number of Events that will display in the Event Widget on CMS pages, such as the home page.

In addition, because events are associated with categories in Magento, the category must be created before creating a category event.

Finally, because most events are promotions of some sort you will also have to create the catalog or shopping cart price rule to manage the offer/promotion in effect.

Category permissions and website restrictions can be used in conjunction with Invitations and Events to create private sales.

Admin Panel Fields Reference

Edit Catalog Event

Field Descriptions

  • Category - Category to which this event will apply.
  • Start/End Date - Required. Start and end dates of the event.
  • Image
  • Sort Order
  • Display Countdown Ticker On - Determines if a countdown ticker will be displayed.
    • Category Page : The ticker block will display at the top of the category page.
    • Product Page : The ticker block will display at the top of each product view page of products assigned to the given category.
  • Status - Status is solely dependent upon the start and end date of the Event. Future Events are Upcoming, current Events are Open, and past Events are Closed.

Further Reading

  • Please see the Enterprise Edition User Guide