Set-up operators in LiveChat extension

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This page will display you the list of existing operators.

In order to create an operator there is 3 steps you must followed.

Step 1 : Create a LiveChat WebService role

First you must create a webservice role dedicated to LiveChat.

Called it LiveChat then in the permissions tabs select all LiveChat permissions.

Save it and it’s done.

Step 2 : Create a new WebService User

In a second time you must create a new webservice user, for that just go in System→Web services→Users Add an user, remember that the API Key is the password. In the User role tab select the LiveChat role you created previously.

Step 3 : Create the operator

The webservice user is not yet identify as an operator for LiveChat, to do that you just need to connect with this user.

You can use the operator access page to connect with him. When it’s done a message will appear and ask you to configure it, follow the link and you can add some store for this operator.

Adding more operator

In order to add more operators just repeat steps 2 and 3.