"Checkout Promo" User Guide

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1. Introducing Checkout Promo

Checkout Promo allows to display promo blocks basing on rules given. The blocks can be shown on Shopping cart and/or Checkout pages.

Every rule has one condition or a combination of them. The rule will be applied in the case when the condition is met. You can set conditions of different type, e.g. quantity of products put in the cart, certain total price of the products in the cart, product brand, size, color, etc. As far as the customer adds products meeting the flexible conditions of the rule to the cart, the rule will be applied and the promo block will be displayed on the Shopping Cart and Checkout pages.

You can set several conditions for one rule. That’s why it is very important to set logically correct conditions – otherwise the rule won’t be applied.

If all the settings and conditions are set correctly, your customer, having the products put in the cart, can see in shopping cart and checkout something like that:

2. Checkout Promo Configuration

1. To create a new rule go to Promotions→Checkout Promo Rules page at the backend.

2. Click the Add New Rule button.

Rule Information tab

1. In the Rule Name field, enter rule name (required)

2. In the Description field, specify the rule description (optional).

2. In the Status field, select Active.

3. In the Websites field, select website(s) to apply the rule to.

4. In the Customer Groups field, define customer groups able to see the promo.

5. In the From/To Date fields, set the time period of rule acting. If you leave the date range empty the rule will be enabled as soon as it is created.

6. In the Rule Priority field, specify the order for the rule to be applied if several rules are created.

Conditions tab

In the Conditions tab you should set the conditions for rule to be applied. You can set as many conditions as you like.

Actions tab

1. In the Show CMS block field, select the CMS promo block (for new blocks creating see below).

2. In the Stop further rules processing field, specify whether to stop other rules applying.

3. In the Show promo block on pages tab, specify the pages for promo block to be displayed at.

4. Click the Save Rule button.

3. New Block Creation

1. Go to the CMS→Static Blocks backend page.

2. Click the Add New Block button.

3. In the Block Title field, enter the title for the block.

4. In the Identifier field, specify the block identifier.

5. In the Store View field, select the store for block displaying.

6. In the Status field, set Enabled.

7. In the Content field, specify the content for the block. You can insert plain text as well as HTML and CSS elements and images.

8. Click the Save Block button.