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Add to Cart Promo Rules Module Documentation and Help

Submitted by Brent W Peterson


Verion 1.0.4 will be ready for release on September 1, it will include line discounts, coupons generator and more! Email me for details

Cartex is at version 1.0.3. In now includes all the admin support and installer. You simply drop your files into your local folder and you are ready to go. Newest version includes

  • Add to cart X for Y
  • Add to cart X for Y + Value
  • Add to cart X for Y + Value + Coupon
  • Add to cart X get discount on Y
  • and More!

Coming soon - Buy X get cheapest free! Last update was July 23, 2010.

How to use

After you install you will the new tab under promo

The Promo Name and Promo Code are for your reference, the code is there if we need to create a promo that is out side of the scope of the program and I need some way of referencing it.

The Promo Type will grow as I add new features. The following are enabled

  • Value based. Works with “From → To” value based exception.
  • Entity based exception (X for Y) This will lookup a product in the Group table and insert the product form the item_entity table into the cart
  • Promo Code - This one will look up a coupon and either add a product based on the coupon, or even apply the coupon code!

Attribute_set based. This has been started, but not implemented.

  • Product Attribute based. Discussion is underway to implement this. It will require entering the Attribute_Code somewhere. The code would be looked up and the item would be inserted.
  • Excepted exceptions. I am going to make provisions for excepted exceptions. AT the moment there is a hard code for Gift Certifications to be excepted on all rules

Enabled: This will turn on and off the promotion