ADMIN: System → Configuration → Store Email Addresses Tab

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Use this section of system configuration to specify email addresses used in your store.

By default, there are three predefined addresses each used in appropriate situations:

  • General contact
  • Sales representative
  • Customer support

Also, there are two extra email addresses left if you need them:

  • Custom email 1
  • Custom email 2

Each predefined address has the default sender name and sender email entered. Do not forget to change these values when you set up your own store.

Note that the settings that you define are applied to the whole Website. If you run multiple stores on a Website, you may set different Email addresses for each store.

To enter email addresses for an individual store that differ from those specified for entire Website:

  1. Select the desired store in the Current Configuration Scope dropdown menu in the upper-left portion of the system configuration screen.
  2. Click the Store Email Addresses section.
  3. Clear the Use website check box next to the field you want to change and replace the value in the field with the desired one.