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This page allows you to set various setting that assist in the development of your Magento based website.

Developer Client Restrictions

The Developer Client Restrictions sub tab allows you to list a set of IP addresses. This list of IP’s will be the only IP’s that will be allowed to use developer functionality on the website.

If you do not add your IP into this list, when you turn on “Template Path Hints” then any site visitors will be able to see them. (see Moshe's comment in the forums)



Enabling the profiler debug option places a small [profiler] link at the bottom of each page with the following information: Memory usage: real: 17563648, emalloc: 16797536

Template Path Hints and Block Names

To see these two options you must set you configuration scope to Main Website or lower.

With these options set you will see the names of the templates and blocks used to render each part of a front end page superimposed on the page.

CAUTION: Unless you have set your IP address correctly in the developer client restrictions setting all visitors to the store will also see the superimposed information.

Translate Inline

Setting these two options to yes will transform the frontend view so that you can see all the phtml files that were used to create the look and feel. Very helpful if you are modifying or creating a theme.

Log Settings

Enables or disables the log

JavaScript Settings

Merge Javascript Files

By default Magento will merge all javascript files into a single file to reduce the number of HTTP requests when loading a page. This does however make it very difficult to debug during development, unticking this option will split all the javascript files back out into separate files.