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Applies to all Shipping methods


Allows shipping method to be selected on checkout

Displayed Error Message

What the customer will see if the shipping method fails

Ship to applicable countries

Allows to override the configuration settings for which countries to ship to

Ship to Specific countries

If Ship to applicable countries is set to Specific Countries the values selected here will be allowed for customers to ship to.

Sort order

The order of how the shipping methods will be displayed to the customer 0 is first.

Flat Rate

As the name suggests, by enabling this shipping method you can specify a fixed price to ship items to customers. The fee can be per-item or per-order as required.

Table Rates

Using table rates you can upload your own spreadsheet of shipping rates, full details can be found in the knowledgebase entry How do I set Up Table Rate Shipping.

Note: In the KnowledgeBase article, the Country code shown in the example excel screenshots should be US and not USA as indicated.

Free Shipping

Enable this option if you want to offer Free Shipping to your customers. Free shipping is based on a fixed Minimum Order Amount.


UPS type

  1. United Parcel Service
    1. Html based connection.
    2. Gateway URL
      • UPS URL when not using XML serivces
  2. United Parcel Service XML ===
    1. XML based connection requires a UPS Account, Password, and Access Key
    2. Origin of the shipment
      • N/A
    3. Gateway XML URL
      • UPS’s url to connect for XML data exchange
    4. Password
      • UPS Account password - the one you use to login to their web site.
    5. Access license number
      • UPS calls this the Access Key
    6. UserId
      • UPS Account login username - the one you use to login to their web site.


The name of the shipping method to be displayed to the customer.


The type of container the item / goods will be packaged in.

Destination type

The end location type most packages will be delivered too.

  • Residential charges more.

Weight Unit

LBS or metric

Tracking XML URL

Available only when XML Service is selected. UPS URL.

Pickup method

The method depends on your UPS account.

Maximum Package Weight

Depends on your UPS Account setup. (Please consult your shipping carrier for maximum supported shipping weight)

Calculate Handling Fee

Determines how to calculate the handling fee: Fixed or Percent.

Handling Applied

Either Per order or per package.

Handling fee

Depends on Calculate Handling Fee setting. If fixed it will add this value to your order or per package. If percent it will use this percent value to your order or per package.

Allowed methods

Defines which UPS shipping methods are available to the customer when checking out or getting a quote on checkout page.

Free method

Sets which UPS method will be used when Cart price rules are set.

Free shipping with minimum order amount

Simple enable or disable this. If disabled value below will not be applied to cart.

Minimum order amount for free shipping

Give free shipping based on the value place here. I believe this is separate from Category / Cart price rules.


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