HOWTO get a list of configurable products that lack simple daughter products

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This script goes through every product in your Magento site and identifies the configurable products that do not have simple children.

  1. <?php
  3. // if store not in /magento change to your directory, e.g. /shop or /store.
  4. $client= new SoapClient('');
  6. // Can be added in Magento-Admin -> Web Services with role set to admin
  8. $sess_id= $client->login('USER', 'PASSKEY');
  10. // Also login via mySQL for what cannot be done with SOAP - shop is your db name
  12. $res = mysql_pconnect('localhost', 'shop', 'DB_PASSWORD_MYSQL');
  13. mysql_select_db('shop');
  15. // Get the product list through SOAP
  16. $all_products=$client->call($sess_id, 'product.list');
  18. // Go for configurable parents with no simple children
  20. foreach($all_products as $product)
  21. { // var_dump($product);
  22.   if ($product['type']=="configurable")
  23.   { $sql = mysql_query('select * from catalog_product_super_link where parent_id='.$product['product_id']);
  24.     if (mysql_num_rows($sql)==0)
  25.     { $empties++;
  26.       echo $product['sku']."t".$product['name']."\n";
  27.     }
  28.   }
  29. }
  30. echo "\n\nThere are ".$empties." configurable products lacking simple children.\n\nSo there.\n\n";
  31. ?>

Clearly the code can be changed to identify ‘orphaned’ configurables, i.e. the products that are configurable but only have one option left for sale. With these you get a silly drop-down for size/colour. It may be better to make these products as ‘simple’ if they are end of range and in need of promotion.


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