How to install Magento On Ubuntu Hardy 8.04

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Step 1: To install Magento 1.1.6 on you system you must have a webserver and database server running. The best way to install webserver and database server goto

and download the bundle. Follow the instruct on how to install xampp; its a fairly simple process.

Step 2: In order to install Magento you have two option

  1. Install Magento With Sample Data
  2. Install Magento without Sample Data

Install Magento With Sample Data

1 Download the sample data first, by going to; there select the the format in which you want to download the sample data under heading "Sample Date"
2 After downloading and extracting the "Sample Data" run the Sql query inside the extracted folder. You may find media folder as well; we will need this media folder after we install the Magento Latest version.
3 The last step is to download the Latest version from under heading "

Full Release”. Extract the downloaded the Full Release of Magento in your local root folder (For xampp in this case extract the magento in /opt/lampp/htdocs/ folder) and run it in your favorite browser. Follow the simple instruction and enjoy your e-commerce site ;-)

Install Magento Without Sample Data

Just follow step no 3 under heading “Install Magento With Sample Data” and you will have magento install without sample data.

[ if you have any further inquiry please do not hesitate to ask ]


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