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Feel free to edit, add or remove any features to the list below.

Features would include

  • Supplier Managment
    • Add, Edit and Remove Suppliers
      • Contact info, supplier name, rep info, account number, lead times etc. . .
      • [Multiple Representatives]
      • [Custom field creation similar to product attributes]
    • Associate Suppliers with individual products
      • [Associate multiple suppliers with single products]
        • Allow each supplier to have it’s own product’s cost/price tier; Each product price and cost must be associated with a particular supplier. The Magento “cost” attribute should automatically reflect the primary cost/price (trigger via DB?).
        • Allow each supplier to have it’s own SKU code (to tie in to purchase orders)
  • [Inventory Management]
    • Set low levels per product for re-order or allow system to predict when stock should be re-order based on predicted sales/supplier lead time.
    • Alert when low levels are reached and allow products to be added to purchase order creation
      • Can be like Magento’s upgrade notification in admin section
      • Can be an email or text message
      • Can be RSS feed
      • Can be a Dashboard warning/alert/notification
      • Or all the above
    • Re-Order amounts based on previous sales periods (large/strange orders in previous period should be highlighted/ignored), user defined, current sales status or with feedback from 3rd party such as http://www.lokad.com/ (although I have not used this service myself...yet). Supplier lead times need to be considered.
    • Inventory adjustment reasons
    • Automatically start purchase order based on backorders
  • Purchase Order Tracking
    • Create supplier purchase order based on inventory levels and/or add new products manually to purchase order
      • Configurable PO numbering like sequential, manual, datetime, account number, sequential + rand(1,3) etc.
      • Dropdown Menu to allow the user to specify the type of delivery service they require from the supplier (normal, express, overnight, part-delivery, etc)
      • Custom Notes
      • Track purchase orders
        • Creation
        • Confirm PO received by supplier (1pixel img bug or otherwise)
        • Paid and awaiting goods (on a per item basis)
        • Received and awaiting payment (on a per item basis)
        • Received and Paid (on a per item basis)
      • Track item return/credit..due to being damaged on arrival etc
        • Returned and awaiting credit (on a per item basis)
        • Returned and credited (on a per item basis)
      • Cancel Purchase Order
    • [Submit purchase orders to supplier]
      • Printable sheet that can be faxed, mailed . . .
      • Electronic
        • Email
          • excel sheet
          • html layout
          • attached file (PDF or other)
        • Downloadable file
          • csv
          • xml
        • Api
          • Direct supplier tie in
          • Credit card processing
          • Bank Draft
          • Shipwire integration
        • Automatic e-mail based on templates
  • [Additional Features]
    • Reporting Integration
    • Approve orders and forward purchase orders through a cell phone.

Feature Request: Design a system that will automatically import excel and pdf pricelists that are formatted differently by my different suppliers (It must support more than 1 tab in a pricelist, and I do not have to change the format to suit Magento). It must automatically add new products and estimate the Manufacturer name, and possibly category. It must reference old pricelists so that I can check old prices. It must update prices of products already in the system. It must compare prices from different suppliers selling the same item, and give me a viewable comparison, and possibly some gaphic views of price/profit amounts compared to my selling price. It must decide on an optimal selliing price according to my set mark ups. It must keep items disabled on the front end until I have confirmed them to be shown in the front end (This will be there so that I can first detect errors). If it cannot link prices of same products from different manufacturers, perhaps due to different stock codes, it must give me the option to manually link prices from different manufacturers together. I should also be able to view the RAW pricelist data and full original supplier pricelists via the website so I can access them anywhere, so basically, it needs to bring each pricelist I upload into the database. There must also be an option where I can tell the system that one of the pricelists I’m importing has a Lead Time and this must be shown on the site or in the name. If I import a pricelist and it updates items already there, it must not update descriptions that have been edited, but if the description is different to the one that was originally on there (This is where keeping older reference pricelists comes in handy), then it must alert me, as there might’ve been a change to the product. The system should also allow me to include new regular expressions that will let me set up the import system to check for certain attributes so that my comparison system works efficiently. It should also show me percent increases or decreases from previous pricing.


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