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Feel free to edit, add or remove any features to the list below.

Features would include

  • Supplier Managment
    • Add, Edit and Remove Suppliers
      • Contact info, supplier name, rep info, account number, lead times etc. . .
      • [Multiple Representatives]
      • [Custom field creation similar to product attributes]
    • Associate Suppliers with individual products
      • [Associate multiple suppliers with single products]
        • Allow each supplier to have it’s own product’s cost/price tier; Each product price and cost must be associated with a particular supplier. The Magento “cost” attribute should automatically reflect the primary cost/price (trigger via DB?).
        • Allow each supplier to have it’s own SKU code (to tie in to purchase orders)
  • [Inventory Management]
    • Set low levels per product for re-order or allow system to predict when stock should be re-order based on predicted sales/supplier lead time.
    • Alert when low levels are reached and allow products to be added to purchase order creation
      • Can be like Magento’s upgrade notification in admin section
      • Can be an email or text message
      • Can be RSS feed
      • Can be a Dashboard warning/alert/notification
      • Or all the above
    • Re-Order amounts based on previous sales periods (large/strange orders in previous period should be highlighted/ignored), user defined, current sales status or with feedback from 3rd party such as http://www.lokad.com/ (although I have not used this service myself...yet). Supplier lead times need to be considered.
    • Inventory adjustment reasons
    • Automatically start purchase order based on backorders
  • Purchase Order Tracking
    • Create supplier purchase order based on inventory levels and/or add new products manually to purchase order
      • Configurable PO numbering like sequential, manual, datetime, account number, sequential + rand(1,3) etc.
      • Dropdown Menu to allow the user to specify the type of delivery service they require from the supplier (normal, express, overnight, part-delivery, etc)
      • Custom Notes
      • Track purchase orders
        • Creation
        • Confirm PO received by supplier (1pixel img bug or otherwise)
        • Paid and awaiting goods (on a per item basis)
        • Received and awaiting payment (on a per item basis)
        • Received and Paid (on a per item basis)
      • Track item return/credit..due to being damaged on arrival etc
        • Returned and awaiting credit (on a per item basis)
        • Returned and credited (on a per item basis)
      • Cancel Purchase Order
    • [Submit purchase orders to supplier]
      • Printable sheet that can be faxed, mailed . . .
      • Electronic
        • Email
          • excel sheet
          • html layout
          • attached file (PDF or other)
        • Downloadable file
          • csv
          • xml
        • Api
          • Direct supplier tie in
          • Credit card processing
          • Bank Draft
  • [Additional Features]
    • Reporting Integration
    • Approve orders and forward purchase orders through a cell phone.


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