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Welcome to #magento on irc, the supportchannel for all things Magento!

Nettiquette and guidelines

First of all, we’d like you to take some small things into consideration:

  • If you are a mibbit user ( the web client on http://magentocommerce.com; We’d like you to change your name to something unique, and not the default name.
  • Don’t ask to ask, just ask your questions!
  • Don’t PM ( Personal Message ) people without their permission. It’s considered rather rude, and will not get you help faster.
  • Be patient! There’s nothing as annoying as a person who comes into the channel, asks questions, and expects an answer within a minute. Being impatient does not help your cause!

International channels

Since #magento is a channel where people of all countries and languages come to, we’d like to keep the channel-language to English.

If you require assistance in any other language, try one of these channels:

  • German channel: #magento-de
  • French channel: #magento-fr
  • Dutch channel: #magento-nl
  • Norwegian channel: #magento.no

Know of more? Add them!

Random e-commerce chitchatting?

Head on over to #ecommerce-chitchat

A new channel created for those wanting talk about general ecommerce! Like design, best practises... and random stuff not really related to the Magento support.

Beware though, this channel is very new, and might not have that many people in it at all times.


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