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Welcome to #magento on irc, the supportchannel for all things Magento!

First of all, we’d like you to take some small things into consideration:

  • If you are a mibbit user ( the web client on http://magentocommerce.com; We’d like you to change your name to something unique, and not the default name.
  • Don’t ask to ask, just ask your questions!
  • Don’t PM ( Personal Message ) people without their permission. It’s considered rather rude, and will not get you help faster.
  • Be patient! There’s nothing as annoying as a person who comes into the channel, asks questions, and expects an answer within a minute. Being impatient does not help your cause!

International channels

Since #magento is a channel where people of all countries and languages come to, we’d like to keep the channel-language to English.

If you require assistance in any other language, try one of these channels:

  • German channel: #magento-de
  • French channel: #magento-fr
  • Dutch channel: #magento-nl
  • Norwegian channel: #magento.no

Know of more? Add them!


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