Zen coding, write HTML and CSS faster

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You just add a line :


and expand it with a shortcut key :

 <div id="page">
      <div class="logo"></div>
      <ul id="navigation">
              <li><a href=""></a></li>
              <li><a href=""></a></li>
              <li><a href=""></a></li>
              <li><a href=""></a></li>
              <li><a href=""></a></li>

So you have a “css like” structure.

Zen coding support officialy some major editor :

  • aptana/eclipse/zend/
  • textmate
  • espresso
  • komodo edit
  • notepad++
  • Pspad

and some third party :

  • Dreamweaver (Windows, Mac)
  • Sublime Text (Windows)
  • UltraEdit (Windows)
  • TopStyle (Windows)
  • GEdit (crossplatform) — Franck Marcia’s plugin, Mike Crittenden’s plugin
  • BBEdit/TextWrangler (Mac) — external download
  • Visual Studio (Windows) — external download
  • EmEditor (Windows) — external download
  • Sakura Editor (Windows) — external download
  • NetBeans (crossplatform)
  • ntelliJ IDEA/WebStorm/PHPStorm (crossplatform)
  • Emacs (crossplatform)
  • Vim (crossplatform)
  • ReSharper plugin for Visual Studio

You can find more information about zen coding :



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