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Most of the questions listed here have not been answered yet. In time this will become a single repository which links to various other forums, posts, external sites or modules that answer common issues.

Which local Payment Gateways are Supported?

MyGate The MyGate owners have been contacted to see if they have plans to develop a module, or if they are willing to sponsor the development of a module.

How should VAT be handled?

How should the standard “Tax” module be set up to handle VAT?

* In Admin Panel, select Sales, Tax, Manage Tax Rates. * Add New Tax Rate, Select South Africa as Tax Country, Select * (all) for region as well as for Post Codes. * Input 14% into Rate 1. * Save your new tax rate. * Delete the other tax rates if you will not be shipping international.

How should EFT's be handled?

South African banking systems seem more set up for Electronic Transfers than overseas markets. There is currently only the option to receive Cheques via post, but we might need to develop a custom payment method.

Which local Courier Companies offer integration?

Current experience shows that none of the South African courier companies have the technology for 3rd party integration, but if you know of any that do please add the information here.

Which local hosting companies support Magento?

Hetzner is only able to host Magento sites on a dedicated or managed server, and not their shared hosting accounts. For managed servers (where you are the only client on the box), you will need to request that they upgrade PHP to 5.2 and activate it for the specific domain, as well as installing the following extensions/addons: PDO/MySQL, MySQLi, mcrypt, mhash, simplexml, DOM. You will be asked to accept their terms and conditions for a “custom” setup, and they might threaten a R450 labour fee, but you shouldn’t need to pay it. If you are currently with Hetzner, please put pressure on them to make the Magento requirements a “standard” on their managed servers so that their support is more guaranteed.


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