Magento->Drupal Account Sharing

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There are some very interesting (and elaborate) possibilities to integrate Drupal/Magento. Magento is way ahead in ecommerce features over EC3 or Ubercart, but Drupal is years ahead in the CMS department. A formal data sharing between the two would move these two platforms way ahead, and provide a good platform for community/ecommerce sites.

Just to take a small step - with the Magento web services, a Drupal module could be created that will pull user accounts from Magento and populate them into Drupal.

  • Thinking just one direction, letting Magento handle the user profiles
  • Perhaps a cron job to pull users from the Magento user web services <?> This would obviously be better if it could be done immediately after an account was created in Magento.
  • Compare user lists, create matching accounts on the Drupal side.
  • Redirect any new user / pw creation on the drupal side to the Magento login pages.

People would still need to log in to both sites - this isn’t SSO. But they wouldn’t have to create two accounts at least, and could log in to add to forums, post comments or whatever on Drupal.



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