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The Shipwire order fulfillment module for Magento is available in Magento Connect.

Shipwire provides order fulfillment from a global warehouse network via magento connect and the Shipwire Fulfillment API. Send shipwire inventory, route your orders via this module and Shipwire will pick, pack and ship your orders.

The Shipwire module for magento does a few things today, we have plans for it to do more and we have some questions about where to go long-term

Get the module in Magento Connect. The module was built by a third-party developer so if you sign-up for Shipwire or check out the site please consider going through the developer’s link:


  • Orders are routed to Shipwire and Shipwire will post shipping status back to your magento store.
  • Shipping tracking numbers are sent back to Magento store.
  • Warehouse inventory counts are sent back to Magento store.

Tommorrow (aka. next on the list)

  • Shipwire Shipping Rate’s into the shopping cart checkout.

Next some questions to help guide Shipwire dev.

  • Are bundled products (gift baskets comprised of multiple product that are closed as 1 “bundle” easily handled in Magento checkout? Is it a new SKU?
  • What are the fulfillment options merchants have today? Ship from: Your own facility, an outsourced facility, route order to drop shipper/manufacturer, queue for fulfillment later? Anything else?
  • If you could get multiple carrier shipping rates through one integration do we cover your needs with the Shipping rate API? Or do you need more features?

This page was posted by Nate from Shipwire product fulfillment. I’ll track it and you can reach me by direct message via this forum. we’re really trying to learn from the Magento community what features you want. Thanks for your time.


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