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Shipwire has two connections to Magento.

1. Order Fulfillment for Magneto. The Shipwire Magento order fulfillment connection for Magento is available today and includes the following feature support. Installation Instructions

  • Automate orders between your Magento Store and your Shipwire account.
  • Real-time inventory updates from Shipwire platform back to Magento Store.
  • Shipping tracking numbers sent from Shipwire back to Magento Store.
  • This is a server-to-server connection between the Shipwire API and your Magento Store API.

2. Real-time Shipping Rates for Magento. The Shipwire real-time shipping rates for Magento module is available today in the Magento Connect extension store. Shipwire Magento real-time shipping rates installation instructions. You can download it and add it to your Magento Store to get the following features:

  • Real-time shipping rates in your Magento Store Checkout
  • 10 Carrier rates including: UPS, USPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Purolator, Royal Mail, Pharos, FedEx Freight, EuroTrux Freight and Shipwire Freight options.
  • No coding required. Extension is free and works with your Shipwire free trial. (No up front $)

Shipwire provides order fulfillment from a global warehouse network. We build connections between the Magento API and the Shipwire Fulfillment API. Send shipwire inventory, route your orders via this module and Shipwire will pick, pack and ship your orders.

Note: The prior Magento Module that connected to Shipwire and provided by Magento is being discontinued by the developer MeanBee. If you have questions about this module contact MeanBee for support.

This page was posted by Nate from Shipwire product fulfillment. I’ll track it and you can reach me by direct message via this forum. we’re really trying to learn from the Magento community what features you want. Thanks for your time. (Last updated Feb 8, 2010)


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