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Here is a link to an archive that contains a module for adding CODE 128 barcodes to the PDF documents that Magento generates for Invoices, Shipments, Credit Memos. The barcode is of the order number.

You can download the files I used to create the module here. Just extract the files into your Magento directory as they are listed in the archive. Barcoding

I’ve used this in combination with the shipping integration with FedEx and Endicia I have listed in this group. That way invoices can be printed in bulk or individually with a barcode and users can just scan a barcode at the shipping stations.

The free TTF font that I used came from:

I referenced the documentation on that site in order to build the PHP code necessary to calculate the checksums and convert the string correctly for the font.

If you would like to show your support to Brian Dobson for creating the free barcode font, you can send him $10 or more via PayPal using the email address on his contact page.


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