QB Sync Technical Details

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The QB Sync is going to require a few things. I’m very new to Magento so I’m not sure if these are already supported.

  1. PHP5 SOAP Server
  2. SSL Certificate (not part of Magento per se, but required)
  3. Web Interface for configuring the QB Sync
    • Setting QBWC password
    • Selecting desired QB transactions
    • Button to download the QBWC configuration file.
  4. Define initial supported transactions
    • SalesReceiptAdd
    • Customer Contact Data (non-technical)
    • Catalog/Product Data (non-technical)
    • Product Inventory Data (non-technical)
    • Payment Data (determine possibility)
    • Customer Order History (determine possibility)
    • Customer Groups/Membership (determine possibility)
    • Tax Classes/Data (determine possibility)
  5. API for accessing Magento data. Is this already defined? If so, where is the documentation?


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