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Each Magento translation consists of a number of CSV files. Here you can find a few useful tools that might help you to work on them easily.

Please feel free to update this page and add the tools that can help community members to translate Magento in multiple languages.

Electronic spreadsheet editors

Most of the spreadsheet editors can import, export CSV files and are able to edit them.

OpenOffice Calc

Calc is an electronic spreadsheet editor that is a part of office suite. Openoffice is a multiplatform and multilingual open-source office suite. The product is free to download and use. You can find and download a binary or package for your operating system on the project official site.

When you will try to open CSV files in Calc it will show you a dialog, where you will be able to select/modify CSV import settings. The required settings to work with Magento CSV files are encoding (Unicode UTF-8), fields separator (comma) and text separator(double quotes).

Microsoft Office Excel

of Microsoft Office software suite. You can find more information on it on the Microsoft Office Excel official homepage.

For the most part, Excel will automatically open/import CSV files. The real problem is saving. Microsoft has its own proprietary way of doing things, which results in non-standard formatting data that Magento chokes on. This is especially true for Mac users.

The most straightforward way to check an excel file is to open and resave in a simple text editor (NotePad on PC, TextEdit or BBedit on mac). You may be able to find/replace formatting problems (e.g. row & table widths, line returns, double-quote issues, and malformed line break characters), save as a UTF-8 CSV, and hope for the best.

Perhaps the best advice is to not use Excel in the first place. Or, copy your data and paste it into another program listed here, such as OpenOffice.

Most people miss the way to save UTF-8 with Excel. Choose Save As... from the file menu and then on the Save As dialog box, look for an item called Tools with a little downwards tick beside it. Click it and a dropdown menu opens with one of the selections being Web Options... Select and on the next dialog box that opens up select the tab Encoding. Set your encoding to UTF-8, OK back to the Save As dialog box, make sure your Save as type: under the file name is CSV and save your file.

CAT tools

Read the following guide to translating Magento using translation memory/CAT tool (free)

Text Editors

If you are a geek and you really know the CSV format specification, you may use any text editor that supports Unicode to edit CSV-files directly.

One really useful Text Editor is TextPad. It has plugins available that make it a very useful programming editor with element highlighting for such files as PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, XML, SQL, etc. In addition, it has macro capabilities that will support hand generating CSV files. It has a file compare function (extremely useful in finding differences between original file and modified file), universal search and replace with RegEx for global changes in your import file and the ability to handle rather large files. Export can be in Mac, PC or Unix file format with UTF-8 encoding one of the supported encoding types. Oh, and it edits text files (several dictionaries available).

Custom Tools

Listed hereafter some custom tools for editing CSV files: A GOOD + FREE program (actually a CardWare, meaning you have to send a postcard to the SW author) is CSVed, capable of ‘massaging’ CSV files anyway you want. There you find also uniCSVed with UniCode capabilites, limited to Windows 2K & XP, only. Also there: a brief but very interesting CSV introduction & tutorial Feel free to add here any more CSV programs for authoring, editing, etc...FIXME


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