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Web Hosting Guide

Web hosting for Magento counts on a number of things that web hosting for other PHP and SQL applications depend upon.

Important things such as system load, bandwidth constraints and CPU cycles available. There is also a need for private SSL hosting for your own certificate.

After all, you don’t want to go to all of that work to build a wonderful template and layout, just to ship someone back over to PayPal or Google checkout just to feel like they are some sort of second class citizen.

Finding a truly good host can be hard but rewarding work, finding out you have chosen poorly can be very frustrating! Research your host as much as you can before you buy. If they admit to reselling, find out who they are reselling and research that firm.

Be wary of any host offering cheap unlimited plans. Look for uptime guarantees. If they are unlimited for you, they are also unlimited for the 300 other Tom, Dick and Harry’s who decided to sign up this month. Further, many web hosts over-promise their features for pennies and offer minimal support to try and make their money in volume.

Finally, find a web host with a sliding bandwidth scale, someone who gives you provisions to purchase more bandwidth on the fly in the event your products get extremely hot and you go over your quota.

Many of the members of this fine community are themselves web hosts, or, offer web hosting as a side business.

Many of them are not present specifically for self promotion, however would be more then happy to discuss their services and give you advice if you only ask. Check them out when you get a chance.

If someone has the knowledge of what technical requirements would greatly benefit Magento, I would love to see a list put in place of this paragraph for all to see.

Ref: The Truth About "Unlimited" Hosting


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