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This is a comprehensive, community list of features desired for this module. I can’t guarantee your feature will be implemented right away, but it’ll definitely be considered in the module design process.

If you have any additions to this list, feel free to add them.

Admin Features

  1. Automatic points system. It will give points when an order is processed or completed. Will also take away points for an order that is later set to Declined, failed, etc
  2. General overall points collection rate for the store configurable on a per membership basis.
  3. Ability to have different points for different products that over-rides the general points rate.
  4. Give and take away customer points for any reason with a notes area to leave yourself a note (great for rewarding filling out surveys, signing up for membership, reviewing a product, etc)
  5. Ability to specify which products are not allowed to be paid for with points
  6. Able to display customer’s points from any template.
  7. Running user log of when points were added/subtracted and for what reason
  8. Send email to remins user of many points they have earned and suggestions on what they can be used for.
  9. Promotions to earn double reward points.
  10. Earn extra reward points for writing a review.
  11. Reporting on points
  12. configurable Minimum order requirements
  13. Max discount
  14. Import/Export Feature
  15. Assign the Points system to one, several or all customer groups

Customer Features

  1. Customer can see the points he/she has earned by clicking on my account (or anywhere else on the store you decide to display it).
  2. Customer has the option to pay with points. ^
  3. Paying with points is selectable like any other payment method. ^
  4. Customers can mix and match paying with points and cash/credit card. ^
  5. Customers can view the amount of points earned per order and used per order in their order history.
  6. Points earned and applied on invoices
  7. Points calculator to convert points to $
  8. Donate points to another user *
  9. When customer returns to the website the default welcome message should say something like: Welcome back %first name% you have x Reward points.
  10. New signup customers can be awarded with welcome points.

* Perhaps this should be at a cost? (ie. donating points deducts some points)


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