Screencast Scripts

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Screencast Scripts

Here is a list of the current text that has been transcribed from the screencasts, this is all in English and is used to create closed captions for other languages.

(I, “McKooter” transcribed these (at the point of posting) so the grammar/capitalization/punctuation may not be 100% correct, I apologize if this is an inconvenience. Feel free to correct me)

(numbers are in order simply of completion, not necessarily saying they belong in that order)

#1 Creating a Simple Product -

Hey, guys! This is Shannon and on today's Magento screencast. 

We're going to show you how to create a Simple Product in Magento.

The first thing you are going to want to do is 
to navigate over to the Manage Products tab in the Navigation Bar.

Now you will see a list of products you have created in the past, 
you can search through that by name, sku, price, etc., 
but today we're going to add a New Product.

You will see two drop down menus, labelled Attribute Set and Product Type. 

Select the Attribute Set that you prepared for this product, and select Simple Product.

Now the main thing that is left to do is to enter all the information for the product.

Now remember you can organize this information in the Attribute Set.

Now you will see that some attributes are required and some aren't.

That's another thing you can define in the Manage Attributes section.

Now you'll need to add three versions to each of your products images: 
a thumbnail, a small image and a main image.

You can also add more images to your product by clicking Add New Image.

Make sure to select which Stores you want your product to appear in and 
which Categories you want them to appear in, in the front end.

In this case, the 'Cell Phone' category.

Now you can search for Related Products, Up Sells, and Cross Sells, 
and add them to your Simple Product.

And there it is: the Nokia E65.

Now if we head to the front end'
... we'll see the phone we just created.

Now if you click on it; you're able to 

- zoom in on our high quality image and 
- examine different parts of it, 
- review the product, and, most importantly, 
- add the product to your cart.

That's it for today's Magento screencast! 

Thank you for joining us and happy eCommerce. 

#2 Adding Related Products -

Hey guys! This is Shannon and on today's Magento screencast we are going to show you 
how to add Related Products to your product pages in Magento.

Now, Related Products will typically be complimentary to the product you are assigning them to.

They might be batteries for an electronic device, product refills or even accessories that might enhance the product.

So we have got some great digital cameras here, that anyone would be happy to enjoy,
but we have also got some camera accessories 
that would be perfect as related on each of these cameras pages.

So we are going to switch over to the back end, and head over to the Manage Products page,
we are going to search for 'cameras' as our Attribute Set name
and we are going to add Related Products to this 'Cannon PowerShot'.

So you are going to want to navigate over to the Related Products tab,
make sure that you are searching the entire catalog by selecting 'Any'
and, since I know that the accessories ID numbers begin with 13, 
I'm going to search by that...

And there are our camera Related Products, so we are going to select 
those you're able to sort which order they appear in the front end, 
so I'm going to do 1...3...2..., here.

Then I'm going to save the product, okay my product has been saved, 
so I'm going to switch back to the front end once again,
find that 'Cannon PowerShot'
and you will see that Related Products have been added to the product page.

Now, while a customer is shopping, they can add these products to their cart 
at the same time as their original product, without leaving the product page.

And I think I'm ready to go take some pictures.

That's it for the Magento screencast, thank you for joining us today and happy eCommerce.