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Magento Moderation Procedures Compiled by Brent W Peterson

Following is a brief rundown of what is generally expected of a moderator here at Items in red need to be discussed


A moderator should be knowledgeable and practised within the realm that they moderate. Which simply means... in order to assist members, you need to be familiar with that form in order to give ideas and suggestions.

A moderator should also work to keep the site running smoothly... enforcing the Board Rules of Conduct [link needed], solving problems, and answering any questions that members may have regarding the site, it’s policies, and procedures.

A moderator should work to promote interest and participation within their forum... this can be with challenges, exercises, or anything else that would increase the creative response of members.

A moderator should promote the site and help in the recruitment of new members.

Above all, since this is a volunteer gig, a moderator should enjoy helping people. Having fun and enjoying what you do is a requirement.

We strive to make this a productive, pleasant, and stimulating atmosphere–and we hope that you will add to that spirit.

GENERAL MODERATOR EXPECTATIONS: To keep your forums neat and tidy I would suggest going through once a week and checking for old threads that are no longer needed. Which leads to the question: what qualifies as ‘no longer needed’?

Any time you feel a member possibly broke a forum rule, but you are having trouble making the decision as to if they did or what to do about it, post a bit about it in the mod forum. It will go to open discussion. A decision will be reached as a group as to the course of action to take.

Report all cases of member bashing in the mod forum. This way all mods and Admins can know to keep an eye on the member as bashing is the worst kind of forum bad. REPORT TO ?

Moderators should be able to handle and solve situations involving troublesome users with speed. They should also be active on these forums, and know how to use good spelling and grammar. They must be mature, and not flame any user. They must follow all the rules for the forum.[where are rules available?] They should be on the internet most days of the week, with the exception of holidays, so they can solve problems users have as swiftly as possible.

- Starting new topics in your forum is strongly encouraged when possible. - Please only pin topics with original ideas, unless the topic is popular. (Not sure if we can pin?) - Use the rules as your guide. They clearly outline the rights you have as a moderator. If you have any questions, feel free to contact any co-owner. - If a post or thread violates any rules, please feel free to delete or move it. You are given permission to do so. It is okay to take action using your best judgment without contacting a co-owner. This is why an appeals process is in place. - Please contact the member when you delete or alter their post. Some members do get mad if an explanation is not given. - Please contact the creator of a thread if you decide to move it. - Please do not move threads started by a co-owner. If you think something should be moved, please contact any co-owner first. This is especially important if they are threads pertaining to forum business. (Moving doesn’t work well on this forum and needs to be addressed) - You have the ability to issue account warnings. Please only do so in accordance with LF rules. - If you issue any verbal warnings or account warnings, please post a thread in the Board Room so all staff members can follow the warning process appropriately.

This is subject to change, but as moderators are expected to set an example on the forum, one account warning issued by an administrator could lead to the loss of moderating status.

Of course, make sure you get to know the rules well. The only way to enforce the rules is to know them.

And finally, check this thread regularly for any changes. It is your duty as a moderator to know what your responsibilities are.