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As developers experience it is difficult to build new shipping and payment methods in /local or /community since the new version (or earlier). All the examples don’t work. Until later when this all have fixed you can build it in the core now (so it works for all versions). There is another article “duplicate flat rate shipping method” and that works immediately. You only need to find out how to change it for your method.

So you can duplicate the Check/Money order payment method module easily like the shipping one. How to remove it later, see the shipping one.

So duplicate it as follows (checkmo to checkmo1):

- mage/payment/block/forms + info : duplicate checkmo.php to checkmo1.php

- mage/payment/etc/config.xml + system.xml : duplicate the checkmo parts (and rename it to checkmo1) - mage/payment/model/method : duplicate checkmo.php to checkmo1.php

- design/adminhtml/default/default/template/payment/form + info : duplicate checkmo.php to checkmo1.php

- design/frontend/base/default/template/payment/form + info : duplicate checkmo.php to checkmo1.php

That’s it and no frustrations anymore ..