How to zoom images

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Improve the way viewers see your product images by using a module to zoom into them.

Zooms work by using a small and large version of an image. You must have large images of your products in order for the zoom to work - you cannot enlarge a photo that is already small in size. Recommended dimensions are 800px to 1000px in width.

First, choose a module that gives the effect you are seeking. There are many modules available including zoom, magnify enlarge, pan and zoom.


A zoom tool reveals a higher resolution version of an image to the side of the main image.

  • Magic Zoom - zooms images on mouse hover. Supports multiple product images.
  • Magic Zoom Plus - zooms images on hover and enlarges on click. Supports multiple product images.


A magnify tool shows a magnifying glass on top of the main image.

  • Magic Magnify - hover over the image and a round or square magnifying glass shows a detailed version.
  • Magic Magnify Plus - mouseover the image to magnify into it or click the image to enlarge it to the full screen.

Enlarge (lightbox)

An enlarge tool (often called a lightbox) will enlarge the image to fill up a greater amount of the screen.

  • Magic Thumb - enlarge pictures on click or on hover. Supports multiple product images.

Pan and Zoom

Pan and zoom lets you drag the image around and zoom deep into it, through many levels of zoom. Google Maps uses pan and zoom functionality.

  • Magic Touch - pan and zoom into very large images (best with images of 1000px width and higher - the bigger the better).


Once you have chosen a module for your Magento store, download a demo of the module and install it on your store to see if you like the effects. Modules can normally be customized to make the zoom larger/smaller, smoother, change position etc.