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Your most common Magento Connect Questions - Answered and explained. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

Q: What is a Magento Connect? A: MagentoConnect is a marketplace that allows Magento community members and partners to share their open source or commercial (for-profit) contributions for Magento with the community. Read More

Q: Is there any information available on how to create extensions? A: There is a small amount of starter documentation available on our Wiki under the Modules and Development Section.

Q: How do I add an Extension to the Magento Connect Marketplace? A: Anyone can create extensions and upload extensions to the marketplace directly from their account. Simply click on My Account after logging into Magento, and click on the “Extensions and Languages” option. From here you can add or manage your Magento Connect extensions.

Q: What’s the difference between free and paid extensions? A: When you click on “add a new extension” you have the option to create a free or paid extension profile. The difference between free and paid is that we can host free community extensions for you directly on our site. Merchants are able to get the extension key for the free community extension through the Magento Connect marketplace. Paid extensions are purchased and sold directly from the developer website, using a link to the landing page from the Magento Connect Marketplace extension profile.

Q: My Extension is listed as Not Approved, what does this mean ? A: If your extension is listed as not approved, then chances are it did not meet the guidelines specified for extension approval listed here: Magento Connect Extension Guidelines. If you have adhered to all the guidelines but your extension is still listed as not approved, contact me directly for further explanation.

Q: Why is my extension listed as Incomplete or Pending/Incomplete A: If your extension has an “Incomplete” status attached to it, it means that your free community extension didn’t upload properly. You’ll need to repackage the extension using a new version number and attempt to upload an update under the existing extension name. You must change the version number in order to successfully update the extension.

Q: I have a problem with or a question about an extension, who should I contact? Extensions are created by 3rd party developers, who support their own extensions. What Magento provides is a searchable indexed directory allowing developers, merchants and partners to find all Magento Extensions from one centralized location. If you have a question about a particular extension, contact the developer directly through the extension profile by clicking on the link “View Developer Profile”.

Q: How do I Package an Extension for the Magento Connect Marketplace? The packaging process has changed a bit from 1.4 to 1.5 and there are some significant differences that we’ve detailed in the following blog post: You can also refer directly to our packaging instructions:

–Packaging instructions for: Pre 1.5 Pre 1.5

–Packaging instructions for: 1.5 or Later Pre 1.5

Q: What is the difference between extensions listed as 1.0 and extensions listed as 2.0 ? A: If you are on a Magento shop prior to 1.5, you must use extensions labeled as 1.0. Systems 1.5 and later use the 2.0 extensions. With this new 2.0 version, we’re introducing support for dependencies. This support allows you to be able to install extensions and also be alerted of important information on why the new extension may interfere with a previously installed extension or possible prerequisites in order to make the new extension function properly. Read More

Part II

This part of our FAQ details common packaging, uploading and install errors.

Common Errors CONNECT ERROR: Couldn’t resolve host ‘magento-community’ - This error means you’re trying to install a 2.0 extension on a version of Magento prior to 1.5. If you are on Magento prior to 1.5 you must use 1.0 extensions.

Invalid Package.xml - This means there was an error in the packaging. Make sure you’re using the correct channel and check our blog for the most common mistakes: Packaging Extensions in 1.5

Channel: Can not add new maintainer because [Username] is not registered member - This error means that you may have mistakenly attempted to package your extension with your SCREEN name and not your USER NAME. Please be aware that you must use the registered “user name” to package an extension.

“(extension) was not detected “ or “No releases found for (extension), skipping. - This error usually means that you are attempting to install an extension is in Alpha or Beta. Magento Connect Manager’s Preferred State defaults to “Stable” extensions and attempting to install a beta extension with this setting results in a “Not Detected” error message. Release referred to unknown or non-existent extension - This error happens when the packaged extension name is different than the name you use on your extension profile for Magento connect. You must use the same extension name when creating the profile as you did when packaging the extension. Connect Error Try again Later - This error sometimes happens when attempting to install a 2.0 extension. This may be a server configuration issue which prevents data transfer to the server. As result of POST request with “http://” text in any field of the query browser gets response 403 Forbidden. Ask your hosting provider to reduce the impact on the transmitted data between the server and a visitor’s browser. WORKAROUND: remove the http:// from the 2.0 extension key and attempt to install the extension that way.

Error: Please check for sufficient write file permissions - This error happens if you don’t have appropriate permissions on your file folders. If you wish to use our web based downloader (Magento Connect Manager) for installation, upgrades or to install MagentoConnect extensions, you are required have write permissions on ALL Magento files (including the root Magento folder.) Read More

Channel: Can not add new maintainer because (user name) is not a registered member - This error means that you are attempting to upload an extension which was packaged under an incorrect user name. Please be sure to package under your user name and not screen name.