How to Use Magento Connect Manager Downloader for Dummies

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A Wiki on how to Use Magento Connect Manager

Feel free to contribute and edit. I just put in some general information.

How to get Started

Logged on to the Admin Panel goto [System] and select [Magento Connect Manager]. You will be redirected to the Magento Connect Manager and promted to log in. You need Adminstrator permissions to log in. Username and Password are the same as you use in Admin. Now you will see 2 tabs, Extensions and Settings.

Go to Settings and choose [Beta] in the drop down if you are an experinced user of Magento. For unexperienced users it is recommended to choose [Stable]. Setting it to [Beta] gives you the possibility to check on Beta extensions etc.

On the Extensions Tab click on Check for Upgrades. Wait while the Connect Manager connects to the server to get the latest information about your extensions. If upgrades are available (depending on your setting for [Beta] or [Stable], they will appear in the overview marked yellow.

Click the Pull Down Menu to select different options eg [Upgrade to 0.2.0.beta(beta)]. Make your selection and Click Commit Changes. Now your extension Upgrade will start to download and ... will instantly be put on your Server.

Change the look of the downloader using CSS

Since I couldn’t read the text in the dropdown menu’s containing important information about the upgrade I was going to select eg [Upgrade to 0.1.9 (Beta)] or [Upgrade to 0.1.6 (Stable)], I had to make some CSS changes. I did the following: - In your Root look for and open downloader/skin/boxes.css - Change the page container width in:

  .container { width:750px; margin:35px auto 0 auto; }
 to eg 
  .container { width:1200px; margin:35px auto 0 auto; } 
 or whatever width you prefer to extend the table to your convenience depending on your monitor.

- Change the size of your dropdown menu’s in:

   .pear-packages td .select  { width:100%; }
 to eg
   .pear-packages td .select { width:150px; }

This will create a more extended view to fully understand what you are doing.