How to Use Magento Connect Manager Downloader for Dummies

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A Wiki on how to Use Magento Connect Manager

Feel free to contribute and edit. I just put in some general information.

Change the look of the downloader using CSS

Since I couldn’t read the text in the dropdown menu’s containing important information about the upgrade I was going to select eg [Upgrade to 0.1.9 (Beta)] or [Upgrade to 0.1.6 (Stable)], I had to make some CSS changes. I did the following: - In your Root look for and open downloader/skin/boxes.css - Change the page container width in:

  .container { width:750px; margin:35px auto 0 auto; }
 to eg 
  .container { width:1200px; margin:35px auto 0 auto; } 
 or whatever width you prefer to extend the table to your convenience depending on your monitor.

- Change the size of your dropdown menu’s in:

   .pear-packages td .select  { width:100%; }
 to eg
   .pear-packages td .select { width:150px; }

This will create a more extended view to fully understand what you are doing.