How to use MagentoConnect

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MagentoConnect is a marketplace that allows Magento community members and partners to share their open source or commercial (for-profit) contributions for Magento with the community. Typical contributions are development modules, add-ons, language packs, design interfaces and themes.

There are three types of Magento extensions:

Magento Core Extensions: These are open source extensions created by the Magento Core team, released under an OSL 3.0 license and distributed for download through PEAR.

Magento Community Extensions: These are open source extensions created by Magento Community members or partners also released under an open source license and distributed for download through PEAR.

Magento Commercial Extensions: Magento Commercial extensions are contributions offered for sale by Magento community members or partners. However, the sale transaction, distribution and licensing is managed by the seller and occur outside Magento.

Creating a Magento Community extension:

1. Package your extension

Follow the steps in for packaging your extension

2. Upload your extension

If you are listed as one of the lead maintainers for the package, you can upload it and post it on MagentoConnect from your Magento Community Account. Just, login to your Magento Community account and navigate to the My Account section by clicking on your username and selecting My Account from the drop-down menu.

From the left menu under the heading Magento Connect, select Community Extension and in the main area click on the “Upload a new community extension” link.

Extension Info

  • Extension File Name: Must match the PEAR name of package. (Mage_Oscommerce)
  • Extension Friendly Name: Name that will display in MagentoConnect. (osCommerce DataBase Import)
  • Tags: Add tags to make it easier for community members to find you extension
  • Short Description: Description for extension in listing view.
  • License Type: Choose an open source license type. If not sure consult
  • Categories: Select category(s). Choose other, if the category you wanted is not listed and contact us with the desired category name.
  • Locales: Select the locale(s) available with this extension.
  • Detailed Description: Description for extension in detail view.
  • Screenshot: Upload a screenshot of thee extension
  • Caption: write a short description for screenshot
  • Click on the “Next Step” button.

Upload Extension Release:

  • Upload the package (tar.gz) file.
  • The Extension Guidelines - Extension Status can be found here.

3. Navigate to MagentoConnect in the Magento community site to view your extension.

Editing a Magento Community extension:

  • 1. Community Extensions that you uploaded are accessible through your Community Account section as well. You can edit the information that is used to display the extension on MagentoConnect.

Downloading and Installing a Magento Core or Community extension:

Get Extension Key

  1. Find extension in Magento Connect: Click on the extension name to view the extension’s details.
  2. Get Extension Key Click on Extension Key button. Extension key is what MagentoConnect uses to identify the package in PEAR.
  3. Check the box to agree to the extension license agreement
  4. Click on the Get Extension Key again.
  5. Select selection key displaying in the text box and copy.

Download and Installation

  1. Navigate to your Magento Admin Panel and select Manage Extension under the System Menu
  2. After logging in with your Admin login, paste in the extension key you copied and click the “Install” button.

Manage Existing Packages

You can also manage your previously-installed extensions in this interface: reinstall, uninstall or upgrade extensions for which a new release has been issued.