Modules Wanted

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Modules Wanted

This article’s purpose is to serve as a way to keep track of module ideas while Magento is still in early development stages. In the future, I would imagine that this page would become obsolete as modules would be created on an as needed basis. To ensure that this page stays organized, modules should be grouped in by the type/functionality that they will provide (eg. Google Checkout Support would be grouped under “Payment Modules”).

NOTE: This is not a feature request page. In this article, modules should be considered as enhancements to be added to Magento by a third party, outside of the official releases.



- Email Marketing: Allowing to send different Newsletter/Marketing emails to different user groups. i.e. Users by area, product bought, age, time since last purchase, total purchase value. And track responds, email bounces, etc. 3rd Party product that have a lot of features that would be nice to implement into Magento open-source.


- Customer “Give feedback/review on products you just bought” email: That is automatically sent 1-2 weeks after purchase. This would increase customer interaction on site, and spur return visits.


- Discount Memberships/Customer Groups. Allow customers to apply for, or subscribe to (possibly at repeating cost) a specific membership. Categories of groups may include: government, education, hotels, grocery stores, discount clubs, anything. The discounts are attached to their account and will be applied in the shopping cart or may be shown on the product pages if the user is signed in.

- Loyalty Program. The ability to allow repeat customers to receive extra benefits (usually in the form of price cuts) based on their purchase history.

- Affiliate Module. The ability to reward power users which subscribe to our affiliate program and sell our products.

- IP based pricing. The ability to determine where the user (ip, using GeoIP) originates from and based on that determine the price of the varies products. This is to allow country store to determine the pricing for its customer while managing a generic pricing for WWW customers. Example, if we have Singapore store, web users from Singapore when visiting the Online store will only be able to see and purchase the product based on Singapore store pricing. When a customer originates from United States, it will be able to see the WWW pricing. Another example would be displaying products on the home page (e.g., featured products or new products section) based on GeoIP. So for example, someone visiting a site from Florida, Cali, or anywhere in the world with typically warm weather would see products pertaining to their area (e.g, shorts, sandals) whereas someone from NY, Canada would see boots, jackets, etc. depending on the season.

- Multi Pricing. The possibility to enable different prices attributes for different customer groups or different stores

One of solutions:

- Product Uploads. There should be a way for customers to upload files that pertain to their purchase.

- Allow customer accounts to be disabled and enabled on the back end without deleting their information


  • Option sets
  1. Instead of having to create a new Simple Product for every possible attribute configuration, create a module that allows us to add an Option Set (red, white, blue) and apply it to multiple products.
  2. This functionality now available through the VERVE EasySKU module
  • Better Grouped Product Handling
  1. Show discount amount for grouped products in listing pages
  2. “Add 1 of each” button for grouped products view page.


- ShipWire. Allow store owners to use Shipwire to warehouse products.


- Call Centers and Custom Invoicing - The ability to create custom invoices for customers, or the ability to place orders on the behalf of customers over the phone.

:!: Admin Sales Order Management (including Invoices Management) is scheduled to be available in the following releases. That can be used (and we keep it in mind while developing this functionality) for Call Centers as well. Michael 2007/10/24 04:37

- Tokens/Credits - The ability to purchase credits towards future purchases at discounted rates. This might extend the gift cards module/feature that is currently on the roadmap.

- The Great Big Payment Processing Thread - An up to date thread of payment processing modules people would like to see.

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