Connecting through Zend-Auth to TikiWiki

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This document is exploratory, not authoritative. It likely contains errors, which as the document is on a wiki, you are invited to help fix. details the Zend-Auth mechanism. As Magento is based on Zend, it is believed that Magento can authenticate through the Zend-Auth system to backend authentication schemes such as Central Authentication System (CAS)

CAS is supported by many other platforms such as TikiWiki.

  • Magento → Zend-Auth → CAS → TikiWiki
  • Magento → Zend-Auth → TikiWiki

Zend and Magento

Magento uses Zend as a platform. It is assumed that if something can authenticate with Zend then it will be able to also authenticate to Magento.

Zend and TikiWiki

It appears that Zend and TikiWiki may be able to share backend authentication information even without CAS.

Magento authentication sessions

To investigate we will begin by looking for authentication information stored in Magento.

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