How do upgrade your template from 1.4.x to 1.5.x

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After upgrade my magento CE to 1.5, the product edition in the cart was not working in my website.

After press edit and change the product options, it added the new item to cart instead of editing the existing one.

I found out that it was a problem of my skin, since with default it was working.

After pusshing some versions from SVN and comparing some files withe FileMerge, i found that it was missing an important line of code in my checkout.xml file.

Here it is so you can upgrade your magento template to 1.5.x

This code is missing in your checkout.xml in your template/layout folder.

  1. <reference name="">
  2.             <block type="checkout/cart_item_configure" name="checkout.cart.item.configure.block"></block>
  3.         </reference>

Find this code zone of code:

  2.                 <block type="checkout/cart_coupon" name="" as="coupon" template="checkout/cart/coupon.phtml"/>
  3.                 <block type="checkout/cart_shipping" name="checkout.cart.shipping" as="shipping" template="checkout/cart/shipping.phtml"/>
  4.                 <block type="checkout/cart_crosssell" name="checkout.cart.crosssell" as="crosssell" template="checkout/cart/crosssell.phtml"/>
  6.                 <block type="checkout/cart_totals" name="checkout.cart.totals" as="totals" template="checkout/cart/totals.phtml"/>
  7.             </block>
  8.         </reference>
  9.         <block type="core/text_list" name="" translate="label">
  10.             <label>Additional Product Info</label>
  11.         </block>
  12.     </checkout_cart_index>

Add after to look like this:

  1. <checkout_cart_configure translate="label">
  2.         <label>Configure Cart Item</label>
  3.         <update handle="catalog_product_view"/>
  4.         <reference name="">
  5.             <block type="checkout/cart_item_configure" name="checkout.cart.item.configure.block"></block>
  6.         </reference>
  7.     </checkout_cart_configure>