Featured Products from a category on frontpage

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Want to display products on the front page?

here is a simple way

the method

creating a new products list , disabling the sort / view styling ( the toolbar that show above each category )

displaying the selected category on the front page by editing cms/home page


1- create a file cal lit featured.phtml

2- edit the featured.phtml

copy the code from


find and remove this code (2 places )

<?php echo $this→getToolbarHtml() ?>

save your file featured.phtml , please do not overwrite list.phtml

save it to this location /app/design/frontend/default/default/template/catalog/product/

3- go create a category , or select an existing category that you want to include the featured products

4- add the products that you want to the category , so now category1 have product1, 2 ,3, 4 ,5, etc ..

( the products will have 2 categories , main and additional , the additional )

5- go to admin area , go to cms » manage pages

edit the home page

put your images ( such as ads ) , special text , or anything you want

then put this code where you want to display the featured products


explanation of the above code

category_id : put the number of the category you want , not sure what the category id is ? i put “2” which is the first subcategory i created

template : this is the template that we going to use which is originally here


please admins, use the concept to write a better article or edit this article , i dont know how to explain things easier