How to Add Tracking Links to Magento

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This is for Magento as I still didn’t jump to the newest release (1.4.1)

It is usual to use an Ad Server (OpenX is really great and for free) to bring traffic to your Website.

If you use a 3rd Party contract you will see that there are a lot of clauses and what will you pay for, but at the end of the day there are only 3 main areas to give information back to the 2rd Party / Ad Server.

They are Signups, Sales and Leads.

In this article you will know how to add Tracking Codes for this 3 areas


Singups and what we call Newsletter Signup for example, and soon you get the tracking code (normally an HTML image tag or javascript - Always ask for the Image Tag as it’s easier) you need to add it to your Magento, big question is: Where?

The best way is to add the track into the Subscriber Controler, this way, no matter where the user signs up (custom code, Magento newsletter code, etc) this will always be invoked.

Path: /app/design/code/local/Mage/Newsletter/controllers/

File: SubscriberController.php

and make this changes


This is easy, as the name suggests it is a Sale, so we want to show the Track code in the page we Thank the user for having our products, right?

Path: /app/design/frontend/< INTERFACE >/< TEMPLATE >/template/checkout

File: sucess.html

and make this changes


This is can be tricky as, what is a Lead? For the Magento site, I use a Lead as a User Registration, so we need to change the following

Path: /app/design/frontend/< INTERFACE >/< TEMPLATE >/template/checkout

File: sucess.html

and make this changes